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Providing high standards of fiduciary oversight, investment management advice, and trust services in a secure and enduring manner.


Dear Valued Trust Client:

Beginning on Thursday, July 1, 2021 we have rebranded to Clearstead Trust following the completion of the integration of Atlantic Trust with Clearstead Advisors of Cleveland, Ohio.  All Atlantic Trust’s professionals will continue to work with you from our office in Portland.

I would like to introduce you to Bill Hall who will serve as the President and CEO of Clearstead Trust as my role will be Co-Chairman and Chief Investment Officer. Bill is a seasoned professional who has more than 30 years of experience in the investment advisory and trust services business.

As always, we welcome any questions that you may have. Please do not hesitate to call me or any one on our team.

With best regards,

John P.M. Higgins
Co-Chairman and Chief Investment Officer


Led by an experienced group of financial professionals, Clearstead Trust’s goals are simple: To build and protect our clients’ wealth over time.

We know that wealthy families and institutions are often faced with endless choices when seeking wealth management and trust services. We recognize that the decision about what to do with their precious and hard-earned capital can be overwhelming and confusing. At Clearstead Trust, we aim to help our clients cut through the complexity by offering clear, practical solutions at a fair price.

In collaboration with our parent company, Clearstead Advisors, Clearstead Trust maintains a due diligence process whose purpose is to identify high-quality investments that meet our thoughtfully determined growth targets and safety standards in an objective manner. We then combine these carefully selected investment opportunities with our high-quality fiduciary and planning services. Simply put, Clearstead Trust wants to be positioned to look out for our clients’ best interest at every turn in the road.

As a state of Maine chartered Trust Company, we have privileges that enable us to provide a broad range of services and deliver them in a way that makes our clients’ lives easier. With these privileges, we can also provide our clients with permanent solutions so that they know that we will be here to guide the future generations of their family for years to come.

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